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our home assignment is to go and research BABA NYONYA.
I still remember lecturer teach us that, researching can be focus in different channels and medias.
Last Friday whole MM085-1 had a NICE trip to Malacca to visit the Baba Nyonya Museum.
It let me learn a lot, know a lot about the Baba nyonya.
I have a different cognitive about baba nyonya.
actually, they won't use chopstick to have their meal, they used to use hand.
actually, cendol and ABC was made by them, and also asam laksa.
actually, they speak malay wear malay but their culture more follow chinese.
actually, they can eat pork, they are not Muslim or malay.
actually, the design of their architecture is very DAMN nice, I love it very much~~^^
and also got a lot actually after I explore or research more on Baba Nyonya.
I learn a lot.

In addition to visit to Malacca and do a lot research through internet, I also spend quite a lot of time to watch a drama from singapore called "the little nyonya".
Whole drama is talking about a nyonya life.
Whole drama is full of Baba Nyonya culture, impact and interesting.

So, I decided to show some information which is from this drama, and actually we won't get these informations from other channels or places.(maybe got but i din realize?)

first, is the lantern from baba nyonya. these few pics is i printscreen from the drama.

information about Lantern of Baba Nyonya:
  • lantern is made with white cotton, after many years then just become yellowish.
  • in chinese, they believe that put sky lantern in front of their house got meaning of "add more child", because "天灯” sounds like "添丁”, so Baba also got sky lantern but is in round shape. Their lantern which is being hang in front of their house is in cylindrical shape, and they write their surname on it.
  • Other than surname, they also will paint some painting on backside of the lantern, "八仙图" and “仙女下凡图”. "八仙图" represents men, the lantern with this painting on it actually will be hang on at left side of the main door. "仙女下凡图” represents women, lantern with this painting on it will be hang on at right side of the main door.
  • most of the lanterns, the surname on it actually looks like "X府", except "wong" surname, "王”, they just can only write "王" but not "王府", because “王府” means the house of the emperor.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

portfolio sharing

after I going through some designers portfolio, I found out that some of them have an interesting I will post their website to have some sharing with you all.

Form Troopers
Outstanding and stylish portfolio featured with flashing photo backgrounds and usable project showcasing technique.

Fabrik Agency
Unique and usable interface, which shows portfolio as a stapled stack of cards, elegant typography and backgrounds provide a quite pleasant navigation experience.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

WEB DESIGN 2--Redesign Commercial Website

Project Definition
In this project, I am going to redesign a commercial website which is given by lecturer not randomly--website of PAPPARICH Restaurant in Malaysia( We need to find out the problems or which part we need to improve it, to make it more attractive and can let the audience feels like want to go there to have a meal after go through the website. Means I need to re-brand it. We are given 8 weeks to finish this project, includes at least 8 pages of design and coding.

Current Site's Analysis Goals
  • need to be more consistency in every page, especially the position of navigation bar, and the art direction or art-style.
  • the menu page maybe can be more interesting rather than full words in 1 page.
  • can put more description of each images in events page.
  • apply interesting content.
  • can update some latest events in front page.
  • apply an interesting layout design to attract audience, maybe can add on some animation?
  • can be more user friendly
  • art-style can be more on Malaysian identity.

Client's Analysis

According to my research, PappaRich was established in 2006 with the opening of its first PappaKopitiam in Selayang Mall. PappaRich is PappaKopitiam all grown up; today it has over 29 outlets in the Klang Valley under the brand of PappaRich and is beginning to emerge as a formidable player in the local food and beverage chain.

The popularity of its cafe is attributed largely to the introduction of food which are all-time favourites such as freshly-baked bread and buns, the traditional toast with kaya and butter, nasi lemak, fried kuey teow, curry laksa, asam laksa, chicken rice, prawn mee, cendul, ice kacang etc, all available at affordable prices and prepared with the freshest ingredients and in its original flavour and taste.

In addition to its fresh food, it also offers the choice of excellent coffee to its patrons. The green beans are imported from the best in Africa, South America, Hawaii and Indonesia. The same coffee is served in leading hotels, restaurants and reputable retail outlets in Singapore.

Unique Selling Point
Their unique selling point is the traditional food in Malaysia such as cafe, coffee, nasi lemak, roti kaya and so on. Based on this concept, their package will be more on Southeast Asian style.

Short and Long Term Site Goals
Increase the hit rates, maybe design the interactive part more interesting to let the audience keep visiting this website.
To build up a well-relationship between the company and users or customers, confidence and trust from the customers, make sure their will come back or continue supporting the company.

Target Audience
  • primary target audience are those working people which are between 25-40 years old.
  • A family or a group of friends is also considered as part of main target audience.
  • middle to high income is more available.
  • teenagers between 17-25 years old who can handle their way of using money nicely.

Competitor's Analysis

The primary competitor is those high class local brand restaurant such as Old Town. Old Town has the same concept with Papparich which is providing local traditional foods with higher prices compare to normal Chinese restaurant. But, they have a very nice website layout design; compare to Papparich website, Old Town’s website is more attractive and successful to promote their things even make more audience feel like want to have a meal in their restaurant. Their advertisement is also very successful.

The secondary competitors are those normal Chinese restaurant which are having a cheaper prices compare to Papparich. So, those who want to save their money will go to these restaurant rather than Papparich. So, want to have more customers, Papparich might have some special advertisement, promotion, and also a attractive website design to attract more people go their restaurant.